When you sign up, you will be charged a $500 deposit against future charges.  We will then provision Klox for you.  If you are coming from our Free Trial, we will create (and charge you for) only as many user subscriptions as necessary to accommodate the number of employees you have created on the Klox system.  Your deposit will be applied to these charges.

Customers may purchase optional live support at discounted rates with in 30 days of provisioning.

User Initial Setup Fees:
First 5 users:   $250/user
Next 15 users:  $200/user
Next 30 users:  $150/user 
Next 50 users:  $125/user
All other users:  $100/user

The “More profit. Less pain.” Guarantee is our agreement that IF you, after using the Klox service (the “Service”) consistently, as determined by Klox in its sole (but reasonable) discretion, for a 90-day period of time (the “Evaluation Period”), notify Klox in writing within 14-days of the end of the Evaluation Period (the “Notification Period”) that you wish, for any reason, to terminate your use of the Service, Klox will refund to you all user fees paid (setup and recurring monthly fees) and remaining deposit, if any, paid by you to Klox.  Failure to consistently use the Klox system during the Evaluation Period and/or notify Klox of a decision to terminate the Service within the Notification Period, will invalidate this money-back guarantee.