Office Users

officeEasy and Intuitive Interface

As with the Klox Mobile Application, the navigation, page design and features of the Klox Web Application (“Web app”) are designed to be intuitive for the work flow of managerial and administrative workers.  This intuitive design minimizes the amount of training and support required for office employees to successfully utilize this more sophisticated Klox application interface.

Self Help

For those occasions when an office worker needs assistance utilizing the application, Klox provides, via a Help button at the top of every page of thedesktop helpWeb app, screen-specific feature descriptions and process explanations, similar to that provided for the mobile app, and a link to a variety of convenient online resources available to Klox customers at  These resources include answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” (“FAQ’s”), how-to videos, tutorials, knowledge base and applications documentation and “view-only” access to the Expert Forum, where Klox Experts exchange questions and answers.  Most questions can be addressed quickly and easily utilizing one or more of these resources.

Expert Support

For any questions that may remain, the "Klox Expert" appointed by your company will be able to provide assistance in person, via text messageklox office expertor over the phone.  Experts are trained by Klox and very familiar with the online resources described above, have the ability to post and answer questions to the Expert Forum and have access to Klox Gurus to answer any unresolved questions. Thus, any questions arising from the office staff can be quickly and easily answered either through self help or by the Klox Expert.