Mobile Users

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Self Help

The Klox mobile application (“KMA”) is equipped with an “information” button on every page. When a user taps this button from any page, the KMA remembers the page, opens the infomobile device’s Web browser to an explanation of both the features (buttons, information fields, etc.) and work flow processes related to that specific KMA page. Klox expects that many common questions can be resolved using this “information” button.

Expert Support

For any questions that field workers cannot resolve themselves using the information button, the Klox Expert at the worker’s company (and, perhaps, expertsalso at a local “supply house”) is available to provide answers via text message, phone call or in person.  These Experts are trained by Klox and have access to various forms of customer support from Klox, including immediate communication with a Klox Guru at Klox. Thus, any field worker questions can be answered quickly and easily, either through self-help or by a trusted, familiar resource, so that field workers can keep on working.

Simple and Intuitive Design

"The best offense is a good defense" The KMA work flow and “touch screen” interface is designed for mobile field workers in the construction and service industries. Because these workers often have “large, muscular fingers” and limited experience using computing devices, including smartphones, the touch screen interface is intuitive and requires only that a worker use his finger to tap large buttons and swipe across the screen to fully utilize the application.  The only typing required is the worker’s password entry when he logs into the application on his mobile device at the beginning of the day. The interface screens were developed to be simple to understand and easy to navigate and use.