• The ease of managing a service call with Klox, from customer call to invoice collection ...
  • Customer Service Rep records the customer inquiry, creates and schedules the service call in under 3 minutes
  • Field Tech gets his schedule, travels to jobsite and clocks time spent diagnosing the customer's problem
  • Field Tech creates the task to fix the problem and records time and materials used on this task
  • Field Tech finishes job, invoices customer, collects from customer, all in less than 1 minute
  • Office Manager monitors the service call:  job costs, completion status and Field Tech job notes


  • I wish I could get paid faster by invoicing projects faster and invoicing service calls before leaving the jobsite
  • I wish I had "eyes and ears" everywhere at once, so I could know as soon as something starts to go wrong
  • I wish I could empower my guys to work independently and efficiently
  • I wish I could get rid of time-wasting aggravations for me and my employees
  • I wish it was easier to manage my business and make more money


  • A typical day in the life of a field employee using Klox, including:
  • Receiving supplies from a supplier and in the field
  • Reviewing plans and job instructions
  • Performing work, tracking time and materials used
  • Recording job notes

A Day In Life Video

  • Creation of scheduling messages for specific field employees, and general messages for all field employees, from the office
  • Review of scheduling and general messages by field employees
  • Travel from location to location by field employees
  • Monitoring of field employee activity by office staff

Scheduling Live Video

  • Creation and editing of a project, and related project estimate, by office staff
  • Retrieval of information about, and work on, each task within the project, including: clocking in and out, logging materials usage, creating multimedia job notes and updating the task completion status
  • Job cost collection and project activity tracking from the field by office staff

Projects Video

  • Creation of materials requisitions in both field and office
  • Creation of purchase orders from requisitions in the office
  • Receiving of purchase orders in the field
  • Creation and editing of a local "pick-up list," and purchasing from this list, by a field employee
  • Monitoring of pick-up list purchases in the field by the office staff

Purchasing Video