Klox partners with businesses, serving the specialty contracting industry, that seek to help their customers improve efficiency and profitability. Klox offers a Klox Expert Certification Program to designated employees of participating distribution partners, enabling them to provide superior sales and support services.


Klox recognizes the special relationship that exists between contractors and their suppliers.  Suppliers realize that their success depends on the success of their customers.  Suppliers and contractors recognize that Klox enables them to interact more efficiently. For these reasons, Klox actively partners with the distribution industry to make their specialty contracting customers aware of the Klox service.


Klox also partners with professional service firms and individuals serving the specialty contracting industry, including:

  • Accounting firms
  • Buying groups
  • Communications companies
  • Complimentary software firms
  • Insurance agencies
  • Law firms
  • Technology consultants
  • Telecommunications service providers
  • Trade groups