Jim at Zip Electrical (a Klox customer), runs into Ken (a plumber from Tops Plumbing) at a job site one day and tells him about Klox. Jim tells Ken about the features of the Klox smartphone app, including: the detailed job information, the ability to record job notes easily and that he no longer has to fill out time sheets.  He tells Ken that his boss should check out the Klox Web site (www.getklox.com) and that, if he decides to sign up, he should use his Promotion Code 12345 in order to get 10% off of the initial charges for Klox.

Ken tells his boss, Mike, about Klox.  Mike goes to the Klox Web site, sees how Klox can really save him money and subscribes all 12 employees as users.  Using the Promotion Code Jim gave Ken saves him $170 in fees, so he's happy with both Zip Electrical and Ken for making him aware of Klox and providing him a discount for signing up!

Pete (Jim's boss at Zip) gets an e-mail from Klox notifying him that Zip Electrical has earned Klox Credit equal to $1,080, which can be applied as a credit against Klox services, or as a credit at a local Klox Distribution Partner (electrical supplier).

Since the Promotion Code used identifies the individual referring employee, Pete knows that Jim was responsible for the Tops lead and offers Jim a bonus for a job well done (optional, but encouraged).