Getting Your Phones and Plans

3 phonesThe Klox mobile interface is part of the Klox mobile application, which must be downloaded onto an approved mobile device.* Field users can share a mobile device, if so desired, because the Klox mobile application permits multiple users to use the system simultaneously.  Thus, each Company must decide for itself how, if at all, it wants its field users to share phones.  There is a cost/efficiency tradeoff inherent in this decision.  Downloading the proprietary Klox mobile app is simple and free.  The iPhone version is downloaded from the Apple App Store.  Just search for “Klox.”

 Phone Plan TipsIn the US, smartphones typically range between $100-200 when you sign up for a 2-year phone service plan. The average monthly cost per phone of a basic phone/data plan (2 GB/month) is about $75 per phone.  A 2 GB data plan should be more than sufficient for normal Klox usage.  Only if users are creating or downloading many (or large) videos is data usage likely to exceed this 2 GB/month level.

Klox customers are encouraged to establish a "phone policy" to make clear to employees their responsibilities as it relates to phones and plans. Some companies may require that its field employees, as a condition of employment, purchase their own approved mobile device* and service plan, (many employees may already have their own Klox-approved smartphones).  Other companies may decide to purchase the phones and plans for their employees, or simply provide a expense reimbursement to the employee to cover (or subsidize) the up-front and monthly costs.

* Currently, iPhones (4 or 4s) and iPads (iPad and iPad 2), running iOS5.  An Android version is projected to be released in Spring 2012.  While a phone or text plan is not necessary, a data plan is required to run the Klox mobile application.