11 May

The Problem

Your a supplier.  Your customers are specialty contractors.  U.S. specialty contractors’ revenue declined 28% from 2007 to 2011.  Why?  The easy credit and housing finance environment that fueled the construction industry for the past generation ended a few years ago – and, it’s probably not coming back any time soon.

Your customers are hurting.  Many of them are “riding out the storm” in the hope that the construction economy will “get better.”  Many have laid off most of their people, or gone out of business, while “waiting for things to get better.”   “Waiting for things to get better” is rarely a winning strategy.   But, you already know all of this, don’t you? 

There’s one more thing you know about your contractor customers.  Most have a lot of room for improvement in their operational efficiency?  You see it every day, don’t you?

  • Frequent mid-day emergency supply runs -- there goes 2 hours out of an 8-hour day!

  • Waiting 45 minutes to order supplies during your "morning rush” rather than ordering in advance for a quick pick up

  • Ordering in their own vernacular, rather than with your identifiers, requiring you to decipher what they really want every time they call  

  • Weeks to get their customer invoices out

  • Weeks, or more, to review and pay your invoices

Improved efficiency is the answer.  Help them use their valuable time, and yours, more productively.  If they did so, they could charge their customers less while still making more money.  Lower prices would spur more customer demand.  The industry would start recovering sales volume.  This is how industry players can help make things get better.  Waiting doesn’t work.

Why don’t contractors operate their businesses more efficiently?  Two reasons.  First, the tools to do so have only recently arrived on the market, and almost all of your customers don't yet know about them.  Second, when the construction economy was so strong, they never had to learn to operate more efficiently.  They need to learn.  It used to be the case that the costs of inefficiency could simply be passed through to the customer.  That's no longer the case because customers now have little money and are far more price conscious.  Now, your contractor customers have to become more efficient, but they need help to do it.  They need tools and they need know-how.  “Paperwork and phone calls” simply don’t cut it anymore.  Of course, the know-how is nearly useless without the tools.  Fortunately, the tools to become more productive now exist.  

Don’t you typically provide tools and know-how to your contractor customers, to help them improve the way they do business?  Would you do anything to help your contractor customers, as long as it does not cost you money to do so?  Would you like to “deliver” the tools and know-how to help your customers become more profitable?  Maybe we can help …

The Solution

Klox offers contractors the tools to make themselves more efficient, so they can become more profitable, even if things don’t get better.  Klox is an operations management system, and we’ve made it a “no brainer” for your customers to check out.  Why should your customer check out Klox?  Because it’s everything your customer needs.  It’s:

  • Easy

    • Mobile – works on the cheapest, most available mobile devices that their employees likely already possess

    • Cloud-based – there’s no software or hardware to purchase, install or manage over time – just a simply monthly subscription

    • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use office and mobile interfaces – very little training required, “up and running” in days

  • Great Value

    • Best Available Investment – $65 more profit for every $1 spent on Klox

    • Very Affordable – only $1 per day per user ($30/month)

    • Average Annual Savings per field employee of $20,000-30,000

  • Low Risk

    • 14-Day FREE Trial

    • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

    • NO Contract – cancel at any time for free, and “take your data with you”

Will you let them know about Klox?

Help us help you to help them

If you don’t help them, who will?

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