• Can I control which field employees work on which jobs or tasks?
  • How does Klox account for materials that are swapped from truck to truck or site to site?
  • Can field employees order materials using Klox?
  • If I want to use Klox, but only want to have one of the employees log in for the group, will that work?
  • For some jobs, we invoice at the end of the job (on location). Can Klox generate invoices?
  • Can field employees add jobs -- then enter hours against them?
  • Is there a time delay between when a field employee enters time and when I can see it?
  • Can more than one field employee work on the same job at the same time?
  • How are jobs set up in the system?
  • What if someone loses their phone… or if the battery goes dead, can field employees enter time later?
  • How will I know when a job is done and ready to bill?
  • Can field employees take pictures of the job site and attach to the job?

FAQ - Using Klox

Using Klox FAQs