Alan Ellman, Founding Advisor

Al has 20+ years of experience in the Internet-centric media and financial services industries. He has been an entrepreneur in these industries over the past 15 years. Al was the founder and CEO of Screaming Media (NASDAQ: SCRM), an Internet-centric content network sold to CBS MarketWatch in 2002 (now part of NewsCorp). Al is currently working with several early-stage Internet-centric media and technology companies, including Klox.

John Flower, Advisor

John has 20+ years of experience in the residential construction industry and has, for more than ten years, run Flower Construction, a NJ-based general contractor focused on sophisticated residential construction projects.  Flower Construction often works with the most prestigious residential architectural firms in the United States.

Iggy Fanlo, Advisor

Iggy has 25+ years of experience in the Internet-centric retail commerce and marketing industries, as well as the financial services industry.  He has served as CEO of Adbrite, as both President and CFO of (Nasdaq: SHOP, later purchased by eBay), VP of eBay and, as a Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, led its mortgage-backed security trading department.  Iggy has resumed his entrepreneurial activities and is currently incubating a health-related startup.