Our Start

Our Start

“Necessity is the mother of invention” - Plato

The idea for Klox was born from an experience that Brian, Klox’s founder, had with an electrical contractor. After estimating the cost of, and agreeing to perform on a "time and materials" basis, several tasks at Brian's house, the contractor submitted an invoice for about 50-60% more than the cost estimated. Even though Brian knew and trusted the contractor, he had expected the invoice to be maybe 15-20% higher than projected, based upon the scope of work actually performed. Thus, he asked the contractor why the project had cost so much more money than projected. The contractor could only reply, “I don’t know, but I know my guys were there.”

In an effort to better understand why paying so much more than originally estimated by the contractor might be reasonable, Brian asked for an itemized breakdown of labor and materials costs for each task performed. The contractor admitted, somewhat sheepishly, that he had no way of knowing this information, because the only information he got from his field employees each day was a piece of paper that contained the total hours at the job site, a list of materials the employee could recall using and a brief list of “things” the employee recalled working on during the day. Unfortunately, this information was not very accurate and it was not itemized by task at all, let alone by each task as defined by Brian and the contractor.

Asked to explain why any customer should pay so much more than originally discussed without any sort of information about “what cost what” and “why did it cost more than expected,” the contractor was at a loss to define his position. When asked if he had experienced problems collecting invoiced amounts under similar circumstances in the past, he replied, “Yea, all the time.” When asked if his customers were generally unreasonable, he said they were not. When asked why, then, he did not track such important information by task, so that he could explain to his customers why the higher amount was reasonable to pay, he simply replied, “It would be too much work for me and my guys.”

An easy-to-use technology solution was needed. The idea for Klox was born.